Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pot-Luck Lucky!

Photo Credit: Filia Artis

As I mentioned earlier today, we hosted a gathering this afternoon to celebrate the birthdays of all the babies that were in our Baby's pre-natal preparation class more than a year ago. None of us fully knew then what the outcome would be, but everyone ended up with wonderful, healthy children and they have had a chance to play and grow together on a few occasions over the past year.

Festive Buffet Table - Mix n' Match

You might ask how on earth one goes about preparing for a party with a little one running around and without going totally crazy...The key here is pot-luck. Each family brought one item, so it was just a matter of tidying up the house - we did the set up and decorating a day ahead of time - and to clean up, we just popped everything into the dishwasher and give most of the toys a bit of a wipe down (there was a fair amount of communal toy chewing!). The total clean up time was 15 minutes and the food arrangements took place over email. 

Photo Credit: Filia Artis

A nice mix of home-made and store-bought treats made for a lovely lunch buffet. The only cooking that I did was to make a super-easy pizza that took about 15 minutes to make.

Photo Credit: Filia Artis

One mom, S., brought these awesome cupcakes she'd ordered with each of the children's names on them!

Photo Credit: Filia Artis

Much fun was had by the birthday children.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and we couldn't get over how easy the pot-luck aspect made things. I would definitely consider doing this again.

DIY Rating: 8
Though I'm typically a fan of catering and restaurants for larger parties, organizing a pot-luck party made hosting at home a breeze.

If you are a guest, don't feel daunted by having to make a masterpiece, something simple or store-bought can be a great addition.

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  1. What an awesome idea to have the prenatal group all over, it would be neat to see what was cooked in those bellies. I love the cupcakes they are adorable! I really like the potluck style of entertaining. Although typically I do prefer to do it all myself, once your guest list reaches a certain number its definately time to ask for help. Its a great way to try different foods (and then ask for recipes). I also enjoy the surprise of what each guest will bring, and then the joy when certain guests bring delicious old staples.


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