Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Advent Season

 Painting by Jan Provoost         Image Credit: Secret Harbour

One of the very last holiday seasons to remain outside the purview of commercialization is the Advent Season. It tends to get buried in what I like to call the "Commercial Christmas Preparation Marketing Season," which typically starts on November 1st. The advent season, in fact, is the time of year that some Christians celebrate as a time of waiting and preparation for Christmas. Whereas the actual Christmas Season runs from Christmas Eve to the Epiphany, early in January. You are probably familiar with the famous chocolate advent calendars. 

The very word, "Advent," translates to "a coming" or "an arrival". We celebrate the Advent of the Emmanuel, which translates to, "the coming of God among us."

This year, Advent begins today, Sunday, November 28th. To me, the painting above symbolizes the meaning of Advent. In the image, the Virgin and Child are shown with St. Jerome, St. John the Baptist, and a Carthusian Monk. To me, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ. St. John the Baptist's life was spent proclaiming the Nativity of Christ to come and St. Jerome and the Carthusian monk represent the praying, meditation and fasting that go along with preparing for the coming of Christmas during the Advent Season.

With all that is happening in the hustle and bustle of The Do-tique, we will be striving to take some time each day to slow down and enjoy our family and to reflect on what Christmas means for us. I hope you will consider joining us.

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DIY Rating: 10
Taking some quiet time in the middle of the mayhem 
of the Holiday Season is always a good idea!

PS. Yes, there is an associated craft to go with the season...Check out Mom's Party Cafe for instructions!


  1. I went on an advent quest for 2 items this year:

    1. a wire wreath frame - unsuccessful, and I will be resorting to using old candle-holders again

    2. A non-chocolate advent calender. Since Munchie has a serious problem with candy and self-control, a chocolate one would either be entirely eaten by Dec. 2, or, if kept out of reach, the theme of hundreds of temper tantrums between now and Dec. 24. Here I was pleased with my find, as the Anglican bookstore had one that has a little book with a part of the Christmas story for each day. Plus is was on sale for $10!

  2. Advent wreath - How about trying a styrofoam one? Bore some holes into it for the candles and the wire on your greenery? I'm in the same conundrum each year. What has worked well is finding glass votive candles, placing them on a round dish and then surrounding them with greenery.

    Good luck in your quest and good find on the calendar!


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