"Why hire someone when you can
do it yourself?"

This is the mantra of our society. Mostly gone are the days of live-in domestic helpers and handymen. Today, business men and women sport hammers and paint brushes on the weekend. Craft and home improvement stores, countless magazine articles, blogs and home and garden shows encourage their audiences to take the plunge and do it themselves. This blog seeks to examine this trend and to ask the question, "is it worth it?".

There are many times where I have wished I had forgone the DIY mentality and just hired someone and many times that I have been pleased with the ease and results of having done the job myself.

The plan for this blog is to feature projects from recipes to home improvements to starting your own business and to discuss how they were done. Every project is a balancing act between personal enjoyment and accomplishment, desired results, budget and the time and effort required to complete the project. Sometimes it's worth doing it yourself, sometimes it's not. I'll be connecting you to tips and information and resources to help you decide whether DIY is for you!

Where possible, I will assign a DIY rating to projects ranging from: 
0 - hire an expert to 10 - definitely do it!

Here's a toast to getting it done!