Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Cards

The first commercially produced Christmas Card (London, 1843)
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For the very first time, I decided it might be a good idea to start thinking about Christmas cards a bit earlier than usual. Typically, it only dawns on me sometime around December 23rd that I should get going on that project!

Thanks to a tip on Rambling Renovators, I decided to try making my own cards this year the "New Fashioned Way," that is, online. J. at Rambling Renovators has used Tiny Prints in the past to make cute cards and I thought I would give the site a try.

I've looked at a few different sites this week that offer a similar service and I have to say that I like the designs and ease of use on Tiny Prints the best so far. My only difficulty was in uploading photos directly from iPhoto. I had to upload them onto Picassaweb, where I have an account, and then pull them from there. If you don't use iPhoto or have most of your photos online on Facebook or Picassa (etc.) already, you shouldn't have any trouble.

Here are some mockups so far, though I am keeping the one we'll actually send a secret for now:

One of the best parts is that you get something that is personalized without having to take on a major DIY project and they will even address and mail them to your friends if you have your list ready. There is a promotion on right now for these in case it is something you might think about doing! 

DIY Rating: 8
Took some time to pick out a design and the photos, 
but overall, one of the better websites for this type of thing 
and the cards were fun to make. 

My only criticism is that iPhoto was not well supported.

PS. This is not a paid promotion!

PPS. All photos are the property of Filia Artis at The Do-tique, please do not use or reproduce without permission.


  1. Your selections are so cute and your little one makes it even cuter! Hope you're happy with what you picked out.

  2. Welcome, RR! You know how much I admire your blog!

    Tiny Prints had the most amazing customer service imaginable - they were seriously easy to get in touch with about questions and the designer got in touch with me to help make the card better.

    The final cards arrived yesterday and they are really beautiful - we are eagerly awaiting addressing them this weekend...Thanks for the tip on this company!

    Filia Artis


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