Saturday, November 6, 2010

Greeting Cards

Remember back in grade school how you used to make cards for your mom and she loved them, no matter how they turned out???

It has been raining non-stop here for a couple of days, so I have been trying to find ways of entertaining myself and Baby in the house. We had a birthday party to go to today for one of Baby's friends and yesterday I thought it might be a fun time to try out my new craft area in the basement and make a personalized card. 

Baby had fun signing the card herself and washing off the crayola marker from her hands was pretty easy.

Some of the best cards I have ever received have been home-made ones. My friend Ise made one that I decided to frame above the diaper changing table.

If only I could find the birthday card a friend, KvD, once made me that was based on this image from a medieval book. The image depicts the owner, the Duke Jean de Berry, seated at his table with many of his actual possessions and courtiers present.

My version showed me at the table with drawings of all my friends standing around the table. Sadly, it is filed away for safe keeping somewhere and I'll probably un-earth it in about ten years!

If you are less than crafty yourself, there is a program you can use called Smilebox that I have been using for the past year. You can create all sorts of cards and invitations and either print them or email them out. It allows you to add photos from your own computer as well. Here is an invite I sent out for Baby's baptism this past spring:

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So next time you have a chance, try making a card either by hand or on the computer. It doesn't have to be Martha Stewart perfect to be cool!

DIY Rating: 7 for making your own card

Lots of fun and very personal if you have the time!

PS. A special Do-tique shout-out to K.G. who threw an awesome birthday party today for her little boy!


  1. WOOT WOOT!!!!!!! Just read the blog and saw the card :)

  2. Thanks for remembering me! I still think that card is one of the best things I ever made. And I still have the Left-A** card you gave me, although I also can't find it at the moment.


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