Friday, September 10, 2010

The Eagle has Landed

This isn't even really news anymore, but in case you hadn't heard, the 2011 IKEA catalogue is out. To me, this is almost as good as Christmas and I need my annual hit. I even refer to the perusal of its glossy pages, filled with low-cost furnishings as "chick smack"! Hubby will tell you that I have once resorted to stealing a copy from a neighbor's mailbox when I noticed mine did not contain an issue - so guard yours carefully if you see me coming!

We will be making an excursion to the IKEA in North York this afternoon. One of the saddest parts of life in Kingston is that we are at least a two hour drive away from the nearest IKEA, so it has become a major trip.

Our poor Mazda with a 16ft ladder last summer.
We did cram in 2 adults + baby + small IKEA love seat in the spring! 

Do you have an IKEA ritual? Mine involves working through the showroom gathering ideas. I love the tiny pencils and the shopping lists and the paper measuring tapes when you enter. Before heading down to the Marketplace, I often stop in the restaurant for a snack and to review my shopping list - or photos of things I saw in the showroom. Then it's on to the "gather items", purge the excess items from the cart, go through the checkout and finish it all with a frozen yoghurt.

Do you have personal IKEA antiques that you just can't let go of? For me, it is the blue woven rug that I bought on my very first trip to IKEA in Stuttgart, Germany. I also have the Alvine Bi curtains that are no longer available and that seem to be a conversation piece in my home.

I think one of the reasons I can't get enough is that they seem to have an answer for every problem in the home and I'm a junkie for the DIY aspect of assembling the stuff. There is a certain thrill in deciphering those pictogram instructions that I swear confound every guy I know! The one key, I learned one Boxing Day while trying to assemble a china hutch, is to never drink-and-assemble. 

Finally, I leave you with a look at a forum for some extreme DIY'ers who not only purchase and assemble IKEA themselves, but also come up with creative ways to reconstruct and repurpose what they bring home.

IKEA Hacker

Here is a super cute play-kitchen recently posted by Emese Varga and Tamas Szakacs, Hungary, Budapest made entirely of repurposed IKEA items.

See more here

DIY Rating: 5  

The addictive nature of IKEA could make your home very full 
of wonderful Swedish things!

IKEA often involves more money and time both buying and
 setting up than the marketing would have you believe.

And, finally, remember to never drink and assemble - 
your marriage might not survive the results!


  1. Wow. I love your Alvine Bi curtains. I have been looking for them for years. If you are ever interested in selling them, let me know!

  2. Parents of small children should note that IKEA does carry a nice looking play kitchen for toddlers at a reasonable price, so there is no need to re-purpose other IKEA items, unless of course one takes pleasure in making things more complicated than necessary. :)

  3. Joan - Thanks for the compliment. Won't likely be selling them, but you might want to check out Ebay for vintage IKEA or for something handmade and similar.
    Check out My Adobe Cottage for a cool bee valance:

  4. Thanks for the tip. I did find some "bee" items that are great. Your valance is cool. Will you be offering this item again?


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