Monday, September 13, 2010

"Be Fruitful and Multiply!"

"Baby Mamma Drama 2009"                                          Photo credit: I. Tanner

The title of this post is a loose translation from the Book of Genesis that you may have heard before. God is speaking to Adam and Eve and says: "Be fruitful and multiply..." (Genesis 1:28). 

For those out there, including myself, who believe in God, you could say that having children is the ultimate DIY assignment direct from Heaven. I guess you really could pay someone else to make a baby for you, but I think most people are still going the old-fashioned route and doing it themselves. 

For a somewhat humorous look at making a baby...
Ikea Baby

In case you happen to be wondering what happens after you have finally gone through the long months of "multiplying" and you have your bundle of joy at home, my friend, Munchie Mommy, has started a blog to share the insights of her son, Munchie. You will see, at least from her first few posts, that  Munchie is already well on his way with instructing adults on how things around the house work. I am sure that her daughter, Bear Bear, is not far behind. 

The photo at the top is of Munchie Mommy and me from last fall when we were both around eight months pregnant with our baby girls. Please check out her blog:

Out of the Mouths of Babes

DIY Rating: 10

Babies are the hardest project you could ever take on, but really, 
will your basement reno ever love you back in quite the same way?

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