Friday, September 3, 2010

Did someone say "Equestrian"?

        Image courtesy of Heather Clawson at Habitually Chic

Any of my fair readers who know me personally will be quick to assure you that I am a serious horse fan! Though I have never owned my own horse, I had a chance to train for some years under riding master, Frank Grelo as a teen and have returned to riding again in more recent years.

Riding Master Frank Grelo and one of his Andalusian stallions

I am also a serious fan of Heather Clawson and her blog Habitually Chic. A short while ago, I posted this comment on her site:

"Speaking of which, since you love Hermes, which makes saddles, and Ralph Lauren, which is also always so equestrian, and since we're talking about ponies, maybe, just maybe you could have a post of any images of saddles being displayed as part of interior design...
Maybe this is because I just got a new saddle, but don't have a barn to keep it in and am not quite sure how to incorporate it into the decor. :-)"

In response, she has now created two awesome posts:

Image courtesy of Heather Clawson at Habitually Chic


Image courtesy of Heather Clawson at Habitually Chic

This May, I became the owner of a new (used) Wintec Isabelle Werth dressage saddle which I am loathe to store away in a closet or in my laundry room. Heather has helped me come up with some great looks for horse stuff in the home and I look forward to sharing my final design with you in the near future.

Isabell Werth, German Dressage Champion at the Beijing Olympics, 2008

The "new" saddle which is technically for my daughter when she grows up...

Until then, tally ho and take a peek at Habitually Chic for a little taste of all things stylish, chic, pony club and New York!

Filia Artis and Jackson on a cold morning

DIY Rating: 10 for trying out riding horses

I have seen riders begin at 4 years of age and I have seen beginner riders in their 60's. 
It truly is a sport for anyone of every age and yes, it is a full body workout. 
Simply be warned that it is extremely addictive if you do happen to like it!

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