Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Books and Miscellanea at the Do-tique 2

On the screen...

Coco Chanel
Starring Shirley Maclaine

This made for tv movie has all the makings of the ultimate chic(k) flick. It's a rags to riches tale with a love story where "the prince" who comes to woo Chanel lives in a beautiful French country manor, has gorgeous Iberian horses to ride, presents jewellery as gifts and generally takes his lady around dressed nicely to fancy parties and polo matches with fine champagne. Naturally all goes awry for a while, but then ends well with Coco's success as a fashion designer.

It is all part of my plan to watch the three movies about Coco Chanel that I have heard about lately. Was there a Chanel fashion trend last year? All three were made between 2008-2009! The other two are:

Coco Before Chanel
Starring Audrey Tatou


Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky
Starring Anna Mouglalis

Off the Bookshelf...

Book Manuscript

I am beginning work on proof reading a manuscript for a book by one of my personal mentors. It is a project I am not at liberty to share details on, but it is a great honour to have been asked for input and I am enjoying reading through it. 

The Littles and their Friends
William T. Little

We were able to bring back this vintage read from Hubby's childhood during our recent trip to Alberta. Baby seems to be enjoying the awesome illustrated vignettes like "The Brook Tinies" who live in a cave near the brook and "The Trash Tinies" who use scraps from The Bigs to make their home.

John Henry Newman: A Biography (Oxford)
Ian Ker

The founder of Wendy's restaurants must have been thinking of this book when he founded the chain - it is a whopper! Weighing in at 700 some odd pages plus notes, only a dedicated nerd would try to worm though this book. I understand it is everything you ever wanted to know and more about the Oxford movement, Oratorians, and Newman's life and career.


  1. But there is nothing like thick biographies of Victorian public figures for August reading! Though, I've got to say it could use more narrative and less quotes from Newman's writing and letters.


  2. I am interested in that Stravinsky & Chanel movie too, though rather more for the Stravinsky than the Chanel. You'll have to tell us if it's any good.

  3. I think the release date for the "Coco and Igor" DVD might be September 28, so I might not see this now until closer to Christmas - I usually wait for things to come off "new release" at the video store.


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