Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Warn Graphic Design

I took a course in Photoshop way back in the early 1990s. It was brand new back then and we were working on "386's" - being lucky enough to go to a high school that could afford to build such a state of the art computer lab in those days! Needless to say, though the concepts I learned haven't changed that much, my skills are seriously rusty these days.

That being said, when I needed a photo for my professional image, the DIY avenue was not really an option. Thankfully, my friend Warren Nowosad stepped up to help me out at the last minute and transformed my pic into something that looks good and will be useful to me. I want to send out a big "Thank You" to Warren and I thought I would showcase his online portfolio here so that you can get an idea of the work that he does as a designer.


I'm hesitant to reveal the "magic" that Warren worked, but since Brittney Spears decided recently to release her raw images, I thought I could follow her suit! (Needless to say, but Brittney does not really look bad at all in her more realistic photos!)

Do you use LinkedIn as part of your own professional networking strategy? Have you thought about investing in a professional photo? I see some out there that haven't been updated since I took that photoshop course in the 90's! Others are low-res or look like they belong on Facebook. What does yours say about you?

DIY Rating: 0 
Leave this one to the experts! 

It would have taken me hours to do this myself
and since I need the image for business,
the professional job looks, well, more professional!


  1. 'PhotoShopping' has always been a dark art to me. I tried to use it once, but I couldn't make any headway.

    Your picture looks great. It is amazing how the background was taken out so cleanly. If I were trying to do that, I'd be rubbing out each pixel with the 'eraser' tool. I wonder if that's how it was actually done?

  2. I probably would have been doing it pixel by pixel too. I'll have to leave it up to Warren to reveal the secrets of his dark art though!

  3. I used to do things like this at the gallery. I got quite good at it. It is a skill though, and definately time-consuming for the un-initiated. And often does involve at least some pixel-by-pixel work to look really good (Warren may indeed have tricks that we don't know).


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