Wednesday, January 5, 2011

$50 Giveaway!

Announcing my first official Do-tique giveaway!!

You might know that in my professional life as a fundraiser, direct mail solicitations are part of the "bread and butter" of keeping business going. One of the best ways to generate new interest is to remember to start by saying "thank you." This is probably no breakthrough when I say that it goes for the businesses that we deal with regularly as well.

Tonight I received a thank you letter from my furnace maintenance company 21 Degrees One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning. The letter was good. It was short, it was concise, it created a connection. It came with a $50 coupon for me to use toward their services and two $50 coupons to share with friends. There are no terms or conditions on the offers.

Here at The Do-tique, we have had our furnace cleaned and serviced twice and the motor for our furnace replaced once. For both cleanings, I received very good discount prices for booking during special promotions and the motor repair charges were discounted because we were members of their service program.

So, if you are in or near one of the areas that 21 Degrees services, let me know and I'll mail you one of my $50 coupons. (email me with your address at

Service areas include:
  • Trenton
  • Port Hope
  • Cobourg
  • Belleville
  • Kingston
  • Gananoque
  • Napanee
  • Picton
Good work on your letter, Kevin!

DIY Rating: 0 for servicing your own furnace!
Leave it to the experts! Good customer service from 21 Degrees!

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