Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Adminitrivia...

This wouldn't be rightly called The Do-tique if we didn't tackle the question of To-Do lists! Yes, they are a major part of life around here and sometimes we even resort to taping a big page out of one of my sketchbooks onto the wall and working out the list that way! All the ideas go on the big sheet, but only the most important or doable tasks end up on the final list.

Promod Sharma included this link in his regular newsletter. It provides some tips on tackling your own to-do list. If you are running a business, thinking about business, working for anyone or really trying to accomplish just about anything, Promod does a great job of sharing his own insights on how to be better and do better. I have become a fairly regular reader of his blogs, so I'd like to welcome him to my blogroll here at The Do-tique.

As for my list, it's pretty short today. There are only about two things I need to "ship" today. Unfortunately, they're buried under a huge pile of stuff on my desktop! Wish me luck as I start digging!

Before I sign off, I'd like to thank my first two fans who have joined as "followers" of this site! Welcome  to you both! As for the rest of my readers and regular commentators, a special thanks to all of you for visiting and for your support over the past few months!

Filia Artis

PS. The offer of $50 off your next furnace cleaning or servicing is still open. No one has taken me up on the free coupons yet!

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  1. Thanks for the mention. We should also make Do-Not-Do lists :)


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