Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What I learned from TV

                                                                                               Photo: Infiltration

Earlier this summer, I had a chance to watch the two most recent seasons of Canada's Worst Handyman online.

There was a lot more to learn from that show than from a lot of the home stuff I have watched in the past. 

The show features a lot of unusual and even kind of ugly projects, but the great thing is that they take the participants through improving their basic handyman skills, like drilling, sawing, detail work, etc. At the start of each project, the "experts" give a workshop and a demo on how to complete the project. Then, the bad handymen try to produce the same results themselves. You can learn a lot about how NOT to do things by watching and I have to admit, I would probably make a lot of the same errors as the nominees did if I were in their shoes. 

Here are the handymen tackling the dimmer switch - fast forward to minute 1:55 to start correct section.

If only there were a handyman boot-camp that I could go to for a few weeks!

I am currently working on two of the tasks that I saw demonstrated on the show - installing a dimmer switch and hanging hinged doors. 

Here are two very ugly sneak peeks of the "before"

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