Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TV Appendix

Just a note to let my fair readers know that when I say "learned from TV" I do not wish to mis-lead anyone into thinking that I actually watched a real life television.

Seeing as this is my current television...

No, it's not even plugged in. But, yes it DOES have a remote control!

What I really mean is that I watch this, much more chic device

The movers asked me last year whether they should just install the "Box Television" on the curb in front of the house or whether I actually wanted them to bring it into the new house.

Does anyone have any clever ideas of how I could use my TV in a cool way (aside from recycling it)? I have been holding onto it because it does get two channels and plays DVDs just fine and more importantly, I think it could be an awesome vintage piece somehow.

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  1. What if you and hubby created a bookcase around it? This would showcase the tv, but also giving you more space for said DVD's, books and pictures. Plus would give you material for your blog :)


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