Friday, August 20, 2010

Easy Does It

We have been on a bit of a family exercise routine these past few days and busy with working on the basement and going to a local BBQ last night.

So here is an easy Friday morning post to inspire you for the weekend. Lauren at
Pure Style Home has been featuring an easy "to do list" type of project weekly and challenging her readers to follow along. It's called "Pure Projects". This week's challenge was to finally hang something in your home that you have been meaning to put up. You can see how she hung the awesome German educational chart below in her son's room here.

Photo Credit: Lauren Liess, Pure Style Home

On Sunday, I did follow through with Lauren's Pure Project #12 which was to make a small flower arrangement from your garden for the kitchen table. It was lovely and we enjoyed it all week. 

Lauren also has some great room makeovers on her site, so check her blog out! My thanks to Lauren (in case she ever reads this).

DIY Rating: 10

Find the smallest project on your list and finish it by Sunday! 

PS. My apologies if the text formatting looks weird today, I can not seem to fix it on Blogger!!


  1. Were all those flowers at your house when you moved in or have you planted them? I have tried to plant cone flowers two years in a row (starting from bulbs) but I have had no luck. They should grow in my zone so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with them.

  2. Hi Weaver81, Actually, none of those flowers were here until this summer. The white daisies were from Canadian Tire (on sale), the black eyed susans were a transplant from my mom's cuttings and the red gerbera daisies were a freebie from Loblaws (I brought in 25 plastic plant pots for their recycling program and traded for a $5 gift certificate).

    One thing I did do with my gerbera daisies was to plant some in bigger pots and that got them to bloom again as they had stopped blooming.

    I don't have too much of a green thumb, so I didn't grow anything from seed or bulb this year. Good luck with your plants!


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