Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Notes from the County

The beautiful October weather yesterday lent itself wonderfully to a drive out to Belleville to visit Funk & Gruven A-Z antiques and to have a chance to meet Mike, the shop owner.

There are different levels of antiques out there. The first kind are the "finds". These are usually items that no one would ever normally bring into their home. It just so happens that the finder discovers one of these marvelous pieces hidden under a pile of other stuff and can envision how it would look after some "renovation". Typically, "finds" come cheap, but cost dearly in terms of work input to make them great showpieces.

The second kind of antiques are what I like to call "founds" meaning that they are pieces that are ready to be installed and enjoyed without much, if any, work. Funk & Gruven seems to specialize more in "founds" than "finds" as most of their stock was made up of beautiful pieces that seems pretty much ready to be loved. They were on target in terms of having classic items that are certainly in-vogue at the moment.

Here are a few pieces I would have gladly taken home with me:

Wheat Sheaf Table

Detail of Carving on Oak Desk

China Cupboard from Ireland

Oak Headboard

Loved this mirror

All photos: Filia Artis

Funk & Gruven A-Z
52 Bridge Street East
Belleville, Ontario

DIY Rating: 10 

Worth a visit in person or check out 
their wares though their online catalogue.

Most items were ready to go, so no need for a 
major "fixing up" project if you're not a DIY'er.


  1. I stumbled across your blog and found that you`ve `discovered` one of my favourite finds. It`s a great store and so far I`ve purchased a table, chairs, desk, pictures...well, the list goes on. I thought I might keep it all to my self. But no....

  2. Hi Sandmarg, thanks for the visit! I took a peek at your blog today and will add it to my list.
    I loved all the pieces I photographed at Funk n' Gruven, but couldn't bring them all home :-(

    Filia Artis


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