Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Bliss

Photo Credit: Filia Artis

Back in elementary school, my friends and I made up a secret language so that we could sit behind the teacher's desk during free time and talk privately. The one word that I remember best was "a-pop-pop-lop-e" which meant "apple". 

Needless to say, apple also is usually another word for "autumn" around here. We've already been through a bushel of Macintosh apples, which is an early crop, and I was able to pick up another bushel of Ida Reds, which are usually the last ones to be ready in a season. It seems this year that the entire season is about two weeks earlier than usual thanks to a warm spring and hot summer.

Photo Credit: Filia Artis

So, "what's in the oven," you ask? Apple crumble, naturally! It's about the easiest dessert known to mankind. You can learn all my secrets on my recipe page. The great thing is that with this one, if you don't have an ingredient, just substitute something else, it will taste good - guaranteed! There will be a gluten-dairy-free version there as well.

Photo Credit: Filia Artis

Baby and I stopped off at Ostrander's during our tour of the County on Monday to buy the apples. I love their sign and I love their apples. There is an option to pick your own or pick up a basket of ready-picked. You can find them on County Rd. 8 just outside of Waupoos.

DIY Rating: 10

The drive to the apple orchard features beautiful views 
of autumn leaves turning, pumpkin farms, rolling hills and the lake. 

The apples are also excellent and the Ida Reds 
will keep for some time in a cool place.


  1. What is cardamom in the apple crumble recipe...I'm ignorant in the spice world.
    Love babys sweater in story at the brewery btw very fitting!

  2. It is a spice that appears a fair bit in Indian cooking - so considering your geographic location, you might want to check out an ethnic store in one of the bigger towns or Edmonton. Cardamom comes in black pods and green pods and you will need the green pods. You can open the pods and grind the seeds yourself or just buy it already ground (this is what I used in my crumble).

    As I mentioned, very good in Indian food and I have found that it goes well with a lot of apple related cooking.

    Bon Appetit!


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