Friday, November 4, 2011


Lord Denver Horse Tryptich Print - which I really want, but is too big for my house...

For a long time, I've been looking for a way to bring a little bit of that equestrian element into my home-decor style in a way that it sophisticated and not over-done. I'm talking a little something Ralph Lauren, a little something Badgley Mischka a little something Madonna at Ashcombe House, a touch of Lady Amanda Harlech, but a bit more modernized. So far, the look includes one small block print of a farmer's horse that I got at Pioneer Village when I was a kid.

When I get my English country manor house, I'll have something like this in the mud room so that I'll always be ready for a morning hunt...

In reality, I'm thinking of something more along these lines:

I'd love to put my saddle on display in the front entryway in place of where this photo shows a wood pail, but my biggest worry is that my saddle, surprise, surprise, kind of smells like horse. Maybe a low bench instead with a couple of old riding helmets might work better.

On a side note, if I were a slightly strange looking statuesque model, this is how I'd probably dress for work - forget about a handbag, just grab a Hermes saddle for the road...

But finally, the Piece de resistance that inspired this post in the first place, a suburban California horse stable cum art studio designed by million-dollar designer Kathryn Ireland. It's probably the most true-to-life representation of my dream club-house and hangout spot. 

Some of the photos I've seen online show the equestrian occupants hanging out in the studio part of the stable, which makes this space purely the stuff of fantasy - I have a toddler who wrecks my house already, there is NO WAY even a horse I really like would ever be allowed near anything designed for by Ms. Ireland! Interestingly, the room is painted in exactly the shade of white that we nearly (but didn't) painted our ground floor in last week...enjoy!

DIY Rating: TBD

Still have to give this look a bit of a try - 
will probably aim for artwork 
and stay away from more fanciful decor choices 
like adding a real horse to my art room 
or placing the boots I really ride in anywhere near my bed 
(which is something I see in a lot of magazines!).


  1. What you need is a Joe Fafard sculpture!

  2. Amen, Sistah. Hook me up! I heard you have connections...

    I should actually hunt him down out here - doesn't he live in Saskatchewan?


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