Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Mov-tique

It has been almost a month. We moved away from our beloved Kingston home on July 25th and this Saturday is the big move-in day for Regina.

I spent some time the other night looking at before and after photos of the Kingston home and enjoyed the satisfaction of how well the place turned out in the end. It will be interesting to start again and incorporate some new elements as well as some repeats from the last house into this place.

The transition will be from a 1956 1 1/2 storey home to a 1976 split-level. Both, interestingly, are mainly white on the exterior and somewhat similar in size.

Stay tuned for some exciting reveals of the new rooms and of the interesting antique furniture that I scoured the Eastern Ontario countryside to find in the last few weeks leading up to the move. I know, who buys furniture BEFORE they move?? It's just that I've developed a love for antiques during our years in Kingston and this was my last chance to be able to bring some of those pieces to the West, where they are much more scarce.

Luckily, our shipping container weighed in finally at about 8,000 pounds, which was considerably lighter than the 11,000 pounds we had been quoted. We'd literally assessed each item in our home and tried to decide whether it was worth keeping at $1.50/pound - a lot went the way of the garage sale to make room for the new furniture!

In terms of DIY planning, it made sense to have the house moved professionally and the china/dishes and pictures packed by experts. We packed the rest ourselves. Overall, the cost and effort involved in going the 100% DIY route and picking up a self-move truck wasn't worth it. We decided that Hubby should drive the car west instead of shipping it, so I'll find out in a couple of days whether he'd ever recommend that method to anyone else!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer!

(promise more pictures next post!)

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