Friday, February 4, 2011

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Image Credit: Crosseyed_doll

This time, I am going to feature for you, dear reader, a few songs from Baby's current play list. Now most young children are probably listening to wholesome tunes by the likes of Raffi and The Wiggles (ok, I have no idea who the children's musicians are these days!). However, our little scalliwag seems to enjoy dancing around the house carrying an empty beer bottle while listening to Irish Pirate Ballads and Other Songs of the Sea.

Here are samples of some of the favorites:

(You may have to scroll down and hit "play" for the track, the artist's site won't let me embed the links!)

DIY Rating: 10

Really, is there anything more entertaining than 
watching a small person enjoying a few pirate tunes?


  1. That is downright amazing. I must lay hands on those songs!

    Here's another one that looks interesting, in a similar vein: Bedtime Stories for Pirates.

  2. Nice. Though I liked the tracks from my CD a bit better overall. PS, I picked this CD up at the public library.

  3. The library here has it too. I've put in a request. It's the pirate's life for me.

  4. We've been listening to the Irish Pirate Ballads for a few weeks now. It's a good CD; it's more than the novelty item I first took it for. I have grown especially fond of the last song ("The River Lea", I think) for its wistful melancholy. "All for me Grog" is my favourite though.

  5. Glad to have made a suggestion that you enjoyed!


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